Jim Kofalt is a candidate for NH State Representative in Hillsborough County District 38, which includes the towns of Antrim, Bennington, Francestown, Greenfield, Greenville, Hancock, Hillsborough, Lyndeborough, Wilton, and Windsor.


Headshot_HiResOur economy is in shambles and families all over America are struggling. Many of our legislators in Washington and Concord have continued to promote the idea that big government is the solution to our problems. I agree with Ronald Reagan’s sentiments when he said: “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

We need legislators in Concord who can help us restore vibrancy to our economy, foster quality education by increasing parental choice and local control, reduce intrusive government regulation, and preserve personal liberties.

My name is Jim Kofalt and I stand for a return to common sense. Fundamentally, the choices we face are not about left or right; they are about what works vs. what does not.

As a State Representative, I will oppose excessive government spending, fight for reduced regulation, empower parents in their children’s education, and stand for property rights and 2nd Amendment rights. New Hampshire is the “Live Free or Die” state; yet we are faced with ever increasing taxes that threaten our prosperity

I respectfully ask for your support in standing for a strong economy and protecting personal liberties in the great state of New Hampshire.

Please cast your vote for Jim Kofalt for New Hampshire State Representative in Hillsborough District 38 this November.


-  Jim